Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Camera: JVC Everio GZHD3

Hey everyone, so yesterday I went out shopping for cameras, after a few hours and looking at a few different Best Buys I decided to swing by a local pawn shop.  At first their camera selection looked dull, most of them were non HD Sony Handy Cams.  Then I laid my eyes upon this

This is the JVC Everio HZHD3.  It shoots in 1440x1080 HD, has 10x optical zoom (up to 200x digital), optical image stabilization and shoots up to 7 hours of HD.  On top of that, it seemed brand new, I tested it out for a bit and it all worked fine.  It came with all the original equipment and everything.  It was price at $449, which was cheaper than the other camera I had already planned on buying.  So without checking the price at other locations I decided to go ahead and buy it.  Not really a smart move, but it turns out this camera is valued at $979.99 on Amazon, so I wound up getting a really good deal.

I feel like this was a really good investment, and it's definitely an upgrade from my old FlipCam.  I plan on making a short comedy sketch this Friday, but it may be delayed so no promises.  Also something to look forward to, I'm planning a meeting with a friend of mine who's a Junior year Film Student who's going to be directing our CreepypastaTV soon.  So hopefully that project will be kicked off within a week or so.  That's all for today, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice camera! Looking forward to any future projects!

  2. Really nice! Must follow you D;

  3. This camera is really good, man. You made a great purchase.

    Good stuff, man.