Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Video: Straight Shooters

So, after a few days of fumbling around on a few programs and figuring everything out, I finally got this video done.  In the future it won't take me nearly as long to finish these since I've got everything set up for next time.  Now onto my opening thoughts, I had this video done yesterday and was seriously considering not uploading it at all, watching it over and over again had made it stale and to be honest I don't even know if it's that funny.  But I finally decided to just go ahead and do it, if people like it, good, if not, lesson learned and I'll try something else.  I don't claim to be a master at this yet, I'm still learning how to take things I think are funny and portray them well in video form.  With that being said, here's the video.

So, what I'm interested in is your thoughts on the video, what did you like?  What could we make better?  Etc.  Well that's all, thanks for stopping by.


  1. I chuckled, nice video! That guy who came out of the shower was unexpected.

  2. garage rehearsals are much more funny :f